Wreath Laying Ceremony ceremony Quantico 2022

On Saturday, morning December 3rd, the Mason Neck Lions Club was up bright and early to provide warm drinks (cider, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea) for all those participating in the wreath laying at Quantico Marine cemetery. This event is made possible by the Sgt Mac Foundation to honor those who’ve served and decorate the graves for the Holidays.

Mason Neck President Sharon Fussell with Marine Cemetery groundskeeper Noah and assistant Cemetery Maintenance director

The Strength and Honor Motorcycle Club were able to raise $40,000 in Donations towards the wreaths.

Special shout out to the Woodbridge Lions who provided donuts this year. In spite of the rain, it was well attended with veterans, including the K-9 pilots, students doing community service, and relatives who helped to place 16,000 wreaths.

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