Updated: $1300 raised at Year End fundraiser concert, in honor of Jim Collyer for Lorton Community Action Center.

What kind of man is Lion Dave Collyer? Upon losing his son, he turns his grief helping those less fortunate.
Lion Dave felt he had to do something positive. He gave a call to the Charity Catjammers promo, Nancy Lisi. (the “Charity Catjammers “ were created by King Street Bluegrass band, they recruit friends who love to jam and play for the locals who are in need) ~ Dave asked them to have a bluegrass show, and play for tips in the “kitty jar” to benefit his favorite charity, the Lorton Community Action Center. But where to have it? He then gave the nearby Northside 29 Restaurant in Warrenton a visit. Being beloved regulars there with his wife Lion Barbara Collyer, the club was delighted to set a date for the evening of December 31st!

Update: $300 more came from private citizens who did not we’re not able to attend the Catjam in person. Below is his in person presentation to Pat Pristavec at the Lorton Location

Another unwanted visitor had arrived in the interim, COVID Omicron, a highly transmissible variant. The Catjammers and Lions decided to request that participators and attendees be vaccinated or negative tested, masks encouraged. Several whom had RSVP’d let us know they had been exposed and couldn’t attend, which was appreciated, although it was uncertain whether there would be any significant funds raised.

Fortunately, the evening was a tremendous success, $600 was raised directly in the tip jar. Lion Dave Collyer said “why don’t we just round it out to $1000?“. He has requested to present the check personally to the Lorton Community Action Center.

[Lion Dave Collyer joined the Mason Neck Lions Club in June 2003. Almost immediately he volunteered to be a driver of the Sight and Hearing Screening Van. (This is a van equipped with Sight and Hearing screening devices and is used by the Lions Clubs to screen Children and Adults for early detection of sight and hearing problems. This service is free to the public and is done by Lions volunteering their time) Lion Dave soon became the primary driver and took on more and more responsibilities. After a few years he was asked to be the assistant Lead Technician which he accepted, and with the retirement of the then Lead Technician he eventually became the lead technician. He was the lead technician/Van Driver instructor until his very recent retirement due to failing health. Until this day, he is always on call to help the current drivers/technician in any way possible.]

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