March 9th Meeting: Guest speaker: Jimmy Pelletier

DC Wheels expresses willingness to demo for the Lions.

Guest Speaker for this week’s Zoom meeting was Jimmy Pelletier, of the DC Wheels. They are a 27 member skateboard team that skate for charity, performing demonstrations and events throughout the DMV area.

We’d like to keep track of what his crew is doing, so that we may participate in their upcoming 2022 tour that he is currently getting together. Frankly, Jimmy blew all our “stereotypes” about skateboarders totally out of the water, with his stories of Skatin’ Santa for the homeless, environmental cleanups, and long distance skate-athon fundraisers. He was patient with all of our questions, and gave a great presentation.

Recent DC Wheels demo
DC Wheels Demonstration

Ride on #thedcwheels ! We will definitely invite the team to our events, and looking forward to supporting his projects as well. Meanwhile take a look at their social media accounts.

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