Blind Dragon Boat team heading to International Competition

Lions Meeting May 25th, 2022

Guest speakers Jasmin Bailey and Brindisi Chan of the accomplished Out Of Sight Dragons explain the extensive training which goes into being a Dragon boat paddler. After displaying their awards and medals, they then took us through a demonstration and answered many questions for our club meeting.

You may view their entire presentation at our meeting streamed live on our Instagram page here.

Paddle demonstration

Another interesting fact told to the Lions was that the drum on all dragon boats is nowadays of very little use, and more or less a “showy throwback” to the sighted competitors, but is absolutely vital for the Out Of Sight team… to hear the rhythm, and stay together in perfect paddling harmony!

The Out Of Sight team has been in existence for 13 years. After training, in May of 2009 they were invited to debut at the annual DC Dragon Boat Festival, which the 19th annual was held last weekend at the time of this meeting.

This year at the Festival, they competed in two events. against sighted teams, they won a gold medal in the 200 meter heat and finishing 2nd in the 500 meter heat.

They also competed for the first time in the 2020 National Championships in Sarasota, Florida — winning a gold and silver medal, earning a berth to the next level. Now they have been practicing extra hard because they want to medal again at the World Championships in July 18-24,2022… against international competitors.

Lions Clubs are a founding partner of the team. The team has regular volunteers from the Suburban, Silver Hill and DC Special Olympics Lions Clubs, and is a great recruiting tool for younger members who are looking for a chance for physical activities and exercise with the visual impaired. Team members come from DC, VA and MD.

At our next next board meeting, we will officially approve our donation, TBA …to the Out Of Sight Dragons of Washington DC, so they may continue the fine work these blind athletes do to encourage fitness, healthy outdoors activity and confidence for the unsighted.

We encourage everyone to do the same!

Feel free to like their Facebook page here. Their practices are open to the public to cheer them on each Saturday morning at The Wharf in DC, you can’t miss them with their bright yellow uniforms!

Hit our “story” below, for more photos of the presentation

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